Etan Goodman Architecture studio is based in Los Angeles, California.  Graduated (92) from the Rhode Island School of Design [RISD] Providence RI, USA. The studio was first founded in 1993 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Specialize in complex exterior and interior design work of private, residential, hotels,restorations and commercial buildings.

Services include complete design work, licensing, full plan production, detailed exterior and interior design with project management and complete supervision of the actual construction work. Contact us at
We now specialize in natural swimming pool (NSP) design. We build organic pool systems for new pools or conversion of existing chemical pools to pure clean fresh water operation, see Pools by Nature
RISD Arch thesis project

Bio pool by Pools by Nature

House with a bio pool
Art Gallery, Jerusalem

Pine House Project, York PA

Zefet Residential Complex Project  

Zefat Residential Complex, Israel 
Cell project, Mechlla Leminhal/first year studio
Tel Aviv Loft
News Bureau Office Jerusalem/SOM,NYC,NY
(Acting as local Architect)
Community Center,Arara Negev
Yeshiva Zfat Project

Cloth Project, Mechlla Leminhal/First Year Studio
Aza street building, Jerusalem
Hehavia apartment, Jerusalem
Etan Goodman Architect office
משרד אדריכלים איתן גודמן , תל אביב ישראל